Hec’s Mole

I love mole. Although mole varries quite a bit from place to place. In mexican restaurants it is generally (correct me if I am wrong) a spicy dish served with chicken. In Guatemala it leans toward the sweet side and blankets fried plantains. I LOVE mole with plantains, but only Hec’s mole. Everything else is too sweet. His recipe combines the spiciness of Mexican mole with the dessert-esque plantain version. Although we enjoy it with chicken as well. I’m not sure how Hec came up with this recipe…but I believe it was inspired by quite a few different recipes.

– 1/2 lb drinking chocolate (in bar form)
– 2 oz pumpkin seeds
– 2 oz sesamee seeds
– 1 large stick of cinnamon
– 1 large, dried chile pasa
– 2 dried chile huaque
– 1 dried chile sambo
– 5 roma tomatoes, cut in halves and seeded
– 2 pieces of toasted or old bread, for thickening, if desired

1. In a frying pan, toast the pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon, and chilies. Allow to cool, then grind until a fine powder.
2. Boil two cups of water, and add the chocolate. Whisk until dissolved.
3. Cook the tomatoes in a pan until soft.
4. Blend together the chocolate, tomatoes, and spices.
5. If you wish for the mixture to be a bit thicker, break the bread into piece and blend it into the sauce.
6. Serve with friend or cooked plantains, or over chicken.


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