Broccoli Soup with Mint and Curried Yogurt

I love soup. It’s such a fantastic food. It can range between a light and simple broth, a nutrient packed meal complete with veggies and protien, and even a decadent feast with truffle oil, or mussles, or fancy cheeses and swirls of curried cream. Generally I prefer the recipes that include at least 2-3 servings of vegetables in one bowl. I like to see how much good-for-you stuff I can pack into one bowl and still produce a delicious dish.

Mafalda, a comic-strip personality, is a socially minded 5-year old with a turtle named Buraucracy who doesn’t like soup. The below comic quotes “Soup is to childhood as communism is to democracy!” I love Mafalda. If you have never read her, I would recommend googling some of her comics. I think they even come in English.

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While I appreciate very much the themes of the comic and the approach her creator, Quino, uses to address social issues, I just don’t get her deal with soup. I love soup. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. You can do so many different things with it. It can be an easy process of just boiling a few ingredients, or it can be a more complex and lengthy ordeal involving many steps and even days. Considering I have a job and other responsibilities, I generally opt for the quick recipes. But what is wonderful is that they are all delicious in their own way.

The soup featured here is just one example of the simple yet delicious recipes we enjoy in our household every week. The method is generally the same, whether it is broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, carrot, squash, ect: heat a tad bit of oil, add the onions and aromatics, add some spices if you choose, add the veggies, water or stock, bring to a boil, puree if you choose. Maybe throw in some beans, meat, whatever else for protein, texture, taste. Thirty minutes tops. Always delicious. For me anyway. If you’re Mafalda, perhaps not.

This soup, like many of my recipes, is not a science. Use what you have or what you like. I threw in a lot of garlic because I love garlic. Leave it out if you’re self conscious of your breath. Improvise, experiment. Its more fun that way anyhow.

Broccoli Soup with Mint and Curried Yogurt

2 t oil
4 green onions, sliced, reserve some of the greens for topping
1 small red onion, sliced
3 heads broccoli, cut into florets
4 c water
2 c vegetable stock
1 head garlic, peeled
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 c plain natural yogurt
1 t curry powder
salt and pepper to taste
fresh mint to taste

1. Heat oil in a pan and cook onions until tender. Add the broccoli, water, stock, and salt. Allow to boil until broccoli is soft and tender, about 10-20 minutes (I really didn’t pay attention). Add garlic at last minute, let boil one more minute. Puree until very smooth.
2. Mix yogurt, curry, and salt together. Mince or tear mint. Add yogurt, mint, and green onions as desired to prepared bowls.


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