A Sunny Sunday Breakfast on a Cloudy Day: Fried eggs over a bed of onions

Overcast and a bit chilly on the last day of January. Unusual but welcome conditions. A lazy Sunday morning after the gym. Exhausted, the grogginess returns to us as strong as if we never left the bed. Hungry. The normal cereal just won’t do today. “Wanna make some eggs? I’m gonna lay back down.” What an incredible man. And look what he brings: three eggs, sunny-side-up, on top of a bed of sauteed onions. Yolks cooked to the preferred consistency. We have tried endless times to get a soft boiled egg to look exactly like these. At the first glimpse, runny. But with the edge of a fork it holds together, the white mostly untouched by the golden glow. Still the yolks spread easily, smoothly, like cream, over a piece of toast.

The onions — slightly sweet, soft, but still crisp — providing the bed which allowed for this state of perfection to develop. Absorbing the harshness of the direct heat, but benefiting themselves from the fire.

We eat from one plate because there are no secrets.


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  1. Beautiful!

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