A Valentines Ode to My Parents

Happy Valentines Day!

I’m not one to go crazy for this holiday. It was a lot of fun for me as a child: exchanging little cards and candies, getting sick from sweets at school. But these days its just another holiday that, for many, requires spending lots of money on silly heart-shaped pillows. But it isn’t a “serious” holiday. No one gets time off work, or flys home for the weekend to have a special meal with their relatives. At most, some people may fly to see their honey on this day…if they are madly in love and have lots of money to burn, or really in trouble and need some impressive way to win them back.

But it is a nice holiday nonetheless. I don’t mind it because I know no one really expects me to buy them a teddy bear or a rolex. For me Valentines Day is a day to bake…if I feel like it. And I usually do. I whipped up some improvised Red Velvet Cupcakes last night, thinking I’ll take them to Hec’s parents house this Sunday. Trying to be cute, I put forth my best effort in calligraphy. I messed up a few swirls here and there, but you can at least read the names.

As I piped out the names of each person who would be in attendance I got a little homesick for my mom and dad. It’s not like missing Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I want to be able to share these little moments with them also. I have really gotten to experiment with lots of cooking and baking this year and, to be honest, I’m quite proud of my growth. I think my parents would enjoy many (probably not all) of the things I’ve been making. I wish I could deliver a batch of these cupcakes to their house on Sunday to eat after a family dinner.
So here’s to you, Mom and Dad. I love you both very very much. Thank you for all the support and understanding you have given me in life, and especially since I moved far away. It’s not the ideal situation, but please know that I love you just as strongly while down here as up there! Although you can’t enjoy the taste of these cupcakes, they were made with a lot of love for the both of you!


One Response

  1. Honey, we love you, too. And now I’m sitting here crying. You can make us some cupcakes in June.


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