Wasabi White Bean Spread

This spread is one of Hec’s newest creations. He doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen these days for few reasons, mainly work and that I don’t share creative control of dinner once I have an idea in my head. Usually he catches up on preparing class, washes dishes, or plays the guitar for me while I work on dinner.

But this is 100% his creation. I had other plans for the white beans we had cooked that day, but when he said he had an idea, I let him run with it. At one point he was a genius in the kitchen, combining things I never would have imagined yet producing the most succulent meal. I recall a certain pork chop with pineapple, raspberry jam, bbq sauce, and who know what else was in there. I think I need to encourage him to come into the kitchen more, and perhaps its time I washed the dishes and learned guitar.

This dish has few ingredients — but that is the beauty. The white beans blend to a smooth and creamy texture, the olive oil adds depth and richness, and the wasabi gives a strong kick at the end. And it is versatile. Eat it on toast or crackers, use it on a sandwich in place of the usual condiments, or serve as a side dish instead of the average mashed potatoes.

Wasabi White Bean Spread

2 cups cooked white beans, drained completely
1 T wassabi paste
2 T olive oil
salt to taste (I add it when I cook the beans)

Blend everything together until smooth. Enjoy!

*Everything is more or less to taste. Adjust the wasabi and olive oil to your liking.

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  1. So, you wanna learn how to play guitar? 😉

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