This is my attempt to be healthy, save money, enjoy the sweet things of life, and relate to a culture through the instrument I love most*: food.

volcanoes at village

Things I love about Guatemala:

Héc (si, que melosa), mis suegros y cuñados, the people in general, hammocks (especially the one in my living room), fresh markets, the language, volcanoes, the food, Lake Atitlan, walking around colonial Antigua, papaya, mango season, our apartment, traveling…


Things I don’t like about Guatemala:

The smog in the city, inequality (ok, its everywhere), the traffic, not feeling safe on the buses (although I still use them occationally), lack of independence, the seemingly constant stream of fireworks (here its not officially a celebration unless there are fireworks), the loud music EVERYWHERE (some reason, retailers thing that if you dress men up in a bear outfit, and blast loud reggaetón will help sell concrete blocks)…


Things I miss from the U.S:

My family and close friends, beer variety, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Chicago, decent public transportation, wide variety of ethnic restaurants – specifically Indian and Ethiopian…


*pero, vos sos segundo a nada


2 Responses

  1. Heey … Things you love about Guatemala..!

    What about me?!.. or Luis?!.. Dont you love us..?.. =(

    haha =D.. Está chilero tu Blog cuñada!
    Un abrazo! Cuidate!

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