Chile Relleno (Stuffed Peppers)


In Guatemala chile rellenos are a very traditional dish. They might begin with chile dulce, a sweet bell pepper, or even something has hot as a jalepeño. They are stuffed with anything from potato to picada (minced chicken or pork with potato and other veggies and spices), but something they all have in common is that they are battered in an egg mixture and fried on a pan. This here that I have made is not at all near the traditional recipe. I’ve never seen beans or corn or even cheese inside Guatemalan chile rellenos. I would say these are more of a tex-mex adaptation. But what is so wonderful about this meal is they perfect are for catering to picky families. You can probably put anything in them you desire, and you can make them all distinct. For example, Héc loves rice, and I don’t generally care for it unless its fried up with egg, veggies and soy sauce (which actually sounds like a wonderful idea for an asian version of this dish). So I made his with rice, and mine with out. And because he is lactose intolerant it was easy to leave the feta cheese out of his.

I made this in a slow cooker, but you could prepare these in anything from the oven to a pressure cooker.

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